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A jam packed evening

Urban Art & Hip Hop

With rap performances from artists hailing from Europe and Cambodia, as well as live street art.

A jam packed evening

Hip Hop & Street Art

With rap performances from artists hailing from Europe and Cambodia, as well as live street art.


French rapper 12me has been creating tunes in Phnom Penh for the past 12 months. His first appearance in the Kingdom was on SreyLeak’s “Saravan Rok Yu”, which he co-produced for KlapYaHandz.

His latest album features a whole host of up-and-coming rappers from Cambodia, most evident in his song Samai Thmey (“New Era”). His ability to rap in Khmer and his homegrown beats have propelled him to new stardom in Cambodia.
12me will be performing with popular female rapper Lisha and DJ Niko Yu.

Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental has created a unique neo-Victorian blend of hip hop and comedy, and is the man behind the youtube hits, Cup Of Brown Joy and Fighting Trousers. With a heart of brass and a pair of goggles, he embodies the Victorian spirit of invention and exploration.

His award winning act of lively Hip Hop, stand up comedy and crowd participation has astounded at events and music festivals around the world including Glastonbury Festival, Dragon Con and The San Francisco Edwardian Ball. He has been lucky enough to win piles of awards including “Best Solo performer” & “Best personality” (Steampunk Chronicle readers awards), Best Musical Act (Brighton fringe) as well as winning the award for “Greatest living eccentric” and “most Eccentric artist” (The Eccentric club of Great Britain).


Chifumi’s art is characterized by body gestures to express different meaning through the cities he has travelled. In Cambodia, Chifumi’s inspirations are from the local, traditional Apsara dance. The gesture of hands is a complex language, reserved to the gods.

Since 2015 he is also the founder and curator of Cambodia Urban Art, a festival in Phnom Penh who’s goal is the development of urban expression in Cambodia.

Mike YSK

Young Cambodian Sovivorth “Mike” Orpov is a Phnom Penh based Contemporary Artist recognized for his bold font graffiti style. He developed a unique fusion inspired by Khmer scripture and black letter calligraphy. Through his medium he communicates personal thoughts, public opinion and poetry.

This rising star has collaborated with other renowned street artists like Chifumi, Peaptar and Choas.

Chubmet Music & Art Festival 2017 When?

23 february

Chubmet Music & Art Festival 2017 Where?

Come and relax, dine and enjoy your time in Siem Reap on one of our swing seats. The perfect place to chat to friends and prepare for your next journey.
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